Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain is a prominant mound overlooking the east end of Big Bear Valley. It offers an uncommon view of the lake, a panoramic of Lucerne Valley, and a beautiful trail that is appropriate for most hikers. In total, you'll ascend about 1350' in about 4.2 miles. While the end is somewhat steep, the approach is a mild incline that spands more than 2 miles, with nice views of Baldwin Lake along the way.

Trail Basics

8.5 miles (round trip... about 2-4 hours of hiking total)
Start at 6870', peak at 8235'
What to bring:
Good trail shoes, water, food, sunscreen, camera, smile
**Hiking is strenuous and potentially dangerous. It is your own responsibility to be prepared for the circumstances into which you venture. The information on this page is provided as a courtesy only; it is not meant to replace proficiency taking care of yourself in the wilderness.


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Directions to Trailhead

Drive east on Hwy 18 toward Lucerne Valley. Turn onto Holcomb Valley Rd/Doble Dump Rd that heads up to Dump/Transfer Station. At about ¾ of a mile up the PCT crosses the road, this is indicated by 2 white posts on either side of the road. Park anywhere around here, off the road with your adventure pass clearly visible! Trial is on left or west side of the road.

Trail Directions

Enter onto PCT trail headed southwest past the white PCT post and the Seven Summits of Big Bear sign. You will be staying on the PCT while it heads SW and then switchbacks a few times crossing over scree fields. As you ascend this section, there are some great views of Baldwin Lake and the high desert.

At about 2 ¾ miles you will come to a dirt road. Turning LEFT on this road (which is forest road 3N69- but it is not marked) points you south and leads you up toward the summit.

It is about 1 ½ miles to the summit. You will turn off the road to the left at the ridge BEFORE it starts heading down the other side of the mountain, just when you see San Gorgonio appear in the distance. Keep going along the ridge till you see a really big pile of rocks, climb up on to the rocks and you will spot some old wooden fence posts and wire. The punch is attached to it!

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