Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sugarlump / Bear Peak

This peak is summited all winter long, but almost everyone gets there the easy way via the chairlift to Bear Peak on the Bear Mountain ski area! To do it the right way you have to hike it! It is also a popular snowshoe route in the winter as it leads to some great canyon skiing to the east of the resort.

Trail Basics

~9 miles
Start at 7300', peak at 8805'
What to bring:
Good shoes, water, food, sunscreen, camera, Seven Summits punch card, hiking poles (optional)
**Hiking is strenuous and potentially dangerous. It is your own responsibility to be prepared for the circumstances into which you venture. The information on this page is provided as a courtesy only; it is not meant to replace proficiency taking care of yourself in the wilderness.



Directions to Trailhead

Take Moonridge Road toward Bear Mountain, Right on Clubview Dr, go all the way to the top. Drive past Bear Mountain Ski area on the left, up to where the pavements ends and dirt road starts. Park in small parking lot before heading up fire road 2N10.

Trail Directions

Begin hiking up fire road 2N10, passing through access gate. You will stay on this main road heading southwest for 1.2 miles. You will come to junction with a sign that points towards Converse Station / Barton Flats. Although not your final destination, you'll need to head that direction for now. Going left at this intersection on road 2N06, you'll now be heading southeast.

You will encounter several logging roads that break off from this main road, just keep on the main road. If you end up surrounded by equipment and downed trees, turn around and go back the main road!

After ¾ mile from the left turn you will come to another intersection with a sign pointing south and downhill toward Converse Station / Barton Flats. This time you want to take the other route (unless of course you have lots of supplies and/or a ride home from Hwy 38!). Stay on the road you're on (by taking the left fork and going east) and this fire road is now called 2N21.

Continue heading east for ¼ mile until you come to the boundary of Bear Mountain Ski Area and the access gate that will most likely be closed. The sign there will look very intimidating, but actually says that you can walk on the fire road.

After a few hundred meters you will come to the first ski run crossing, Rips Run and Park Run. Continue on the main road when crossing the ski runs. At the east side of Park Run, follow the road uphill and to the right. You will come to another intersection after about 100 meters that will give you the option to turn 180 degrees and head uphill to the right, but do not take this route. Continue on the main road that is straight ahead and continues east.

You will again come some more ski runs off Silver Mountain (one of the three peaks in Bear Mountain's ski area). Again cross directly over the runs by following the road. You will soon come to another split in the road. You can go either way, but if you stay RIGHT it is a bit easier to climb. The left road will take you to the steep ski run called Geronimo which you would have to climb to the summit. We prefer the road because it is straightforward and an easier hike.

If you take the road, ½ mile from the split you will reach the summit of Sugarlump/Bear Peak. Here you will find the top "bump" ski patrol station. As well as the top of Chairlift #8.The summit marker and punch is located on a post to the south (the post has the ski area boundary warning signs on it)The marker is about 1 foot off the ground on the post and the summit registry/canister is behind the post.

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