Tuesday, September 9, 2008

San Gorgonio Day Hike Information

When: Sunday, September 21st

Where: Jenks Lake/Southfork Trailhead (see directions under San Gorgonio trail info)

What: Final group hike to the summit of San Gorgonio

Who: We are asking that you are in good shape to attempt this hike and that you have been doing plenty of hiking and/or running to be prepared to complete this trip. It is 24 miles round-trip and has over 4600 feet of elevation gain. Please do not jeopardize your safety or the groups safety by joining this hike and not being prepared to complete it. We will be in a wilderness area and you can't just quit when you are tired and/or sore! We're not critical about your fitness, but we need you to be honest with yourself and with us about your fitness level.


There will be 2 different groups hiking to the summit on Sunday, September 21st. Both are day-hikes.

Group #1: Departs from the trailhead at 3:00am sharp! This is the hike for those that will be moving at a slower pace up and down the trail. The very early start will assure plenty of time to reach the peak at a slower, but steady pace and enough time to return back to cars in the same day. Finish may be after dark, but we will be aiming to complete hike in 15 hours (about 6pm).

Group #2: Departs from the trailhead at 6:00am sharp! This group is for those that might want to move up the trail at a good steady hiking pace. If you have been in the top 1/3 of hikers reaching the summit first, then this is the group you will want to be with. This group will be aiming to complete hike in 12 hours, or about 2 miles per hour.

Wilderness Permit Reservations

We have permits for 12 in each group, so we need to know which group that you would like to hike with as soon as possible. If you have already emailed me and let me know which group, then no need to email me again, I will respond to your email to confirm your spot.

If you have been confirmed by me as having a spot, you are under our group permit and don't need to get your own permit. If you're not confirmed on our group list, you will need to get a wilderness permit to make sure you are covered. If in doubt, double-check. Well, probably best to double-check anyway.


It is a decent drive to the trailhead, so a few people have asked about carpooling down there from Big Bear. With gas prices these days, and to be more "green" we think this would be a great idea! So please indicate when you reserve your spot if you would be interesting in carpooling.

We still have some spots available in both groups, so if you want to join in this hike please email me at heather@powermyhealth.com and let me know:

  1. Full name
  2. Which group you want to hike with (3am departure or 6am departure)
  3. Whether you're interested in carpooling

What to bring

  • Water: being this late in the season, there is very little water on the route we are taking, so we are recommending that everyone carry 150-200 oz of water with them on this hike.
  • Purification tablets / pump: there are few springs that we might be able to get water from so you might want to bring these along.
  • Food: bring enough food to last you 15-20 hours (always be prepared to be out there longer than expected).
  • Headlamp/flashlight with spare batteries: we will be departing at dark and might be hiking at the end of the day in dark (due to days getting shorter)
  • Sun protection: sunscreen, hat, chapstick / lip protection.
  • Clothing: wear whatever the weather calls for and what you are comfortable hiking in all day, but we are asking that you also bring water / wind proof jacket, warm hat (beanie or similar), long sleeved fleece top. The summit of San Gorgonio is reliably 15-20 degrees colder and weather can turn for the worse very quickly, please be prepared!
  • Emergency kit: cell phone (yes they work in some places out there), space blanket, small mirror (for signaling), waterproof matches or lighter, and whistle
  • First aid kit: few items that you think you might need, ie band-aids, ace wrap, any personal medications, etc (we will be carrying a larger first aid kit for the group).
  • Hiking / Trekking poles: these are often a big help on these longer and steeper hikes.
  • Backpack: gotta hold all this stuff somewhere!
  • Seven Summits punch card

Where can you get some of these items?

We are happy to announce that Equada Outfitters will be giving a special discount to Seven Summit participants. Just bring in your punch card to show that you have been reaching all of those peaks. Equada has headlamps, hiking accessories, emergency gear and performance clothing all here in the convenience of Big Bear right in the village. Phone number: 909-866-6186.

Sol Food Market also wants to support the achievements of our Seven Summit participants and will be offering a discount on selected trail food such as trail mix, snacks, energy bars, and other favorites. This offer is open until September 21st, so take advantage of this great discount. Please bring in your punchcard to receive this discount. Sol Food Market is located in Big Bear City, just east of Division across from Get the Burger. Phone: 909-584-8301.

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