Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sugarloaf photos

A light drizzle and cloudy skies hushed the town yesterday as we drove out to the trailhead of legendary Sugarloaf Mountain. The weather was a refreshing change, but suspense of the looming hike kept everyone quiet and observant, with almost a nervous energy in the air.

Chief the dog was the first to loosen up and enjoy the trail as he splashed through the trickling streams of the hike's first mile. Soon we were all loving it as the skies gave us a dramatic show - going from clouds to clear to fog again near the top. Views to the south were obscured but we could see far into the deserts to the north. Water-soaked trees and foliage were intensly colorful; the earth was full of life!

To those that did not make this hike, don't worry too much. The cool temps should keep moisture in the ground for some time. There's a ton to see from the ridges and switchbacks near the summit. Get out there and have a good time!

Building cairns at the first intersection.

A small loyal group at the summit!

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