Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 Seven Summits of Big Bear

The snow is melting and the trails are clearing, so dig out those hiking shoes, trekking poles and sunscreen because the 2011 hiking season is here!

We changed it up a bit this season, replacing Sugarlump/Bear Peak with Butler Peak. We have been wanted to add Butler Peak for the last few years, but due to the fire restrictions it hasn't been possible. So this year we will add it the schedule and if you haven't been up there yet, then be sure not to miss it, the views from up there are awesome!

We'll get the new punchcard and directions for Butler Peak up in the next few weeks. Check this website and/or the Active Big Bear facebook page for updates and information.

So mark your calenders, here is the 2011 schedule!

#1 Grays Peak- Saturday, May 28th at 8am
#2 Bertha Peak- Saturday, June 11th at 8am
#3 Gold Mtn- Saturday, July 2nd at 8am
#4 Delamar Mtn- Saturday, July 23rd at 8am
#5 Butler Peak- Saturday, August 13th at 8am
#6 Sugarloaf Mtn- Saturday, Sept 3rd at 7am
#7 San Gorgonio Mtn- Saturday, Sept 17th (TBD)


E said...

I found the punch at Grays Peak this weekend. Is the old one still valid?

Janet said...

This is sooo awesome. I am definitely climbing all 7 Summits this year, however my travel schedule takes me off the hill for a few of the group hikes. What is the procedure for completion on my own? Wahoo janet

Gunther said...

We already did Bertha this year and we are doing Grays this weekend, May 7.