Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's HIKING SEASON! --- 2010 Seven Summits

Welcome back to the 2010 hiking season. This web site and hike series is all about hiking for a purpose - to summit the seven highest peaks in and around the Big Bear Valley.

Hikes start with the easier peaks and progress toward the big kahuna, San Gorgonio. This year we'll keep the same peaks as in 2009. Mark your calendars:
  1. Bertha Peak - 5/29 - 8:00am
  2. Grey's Peak - 6/5 - 8:00am
  3. Gold Mountain - 6/19 - 8:00am
  4. Delamar Mountain - 7/10 - 8:00am
  5. Sugarlump / Bear Peak - 7/24 - 8:00am
  6. Sugarloaf Mountain - 8/7 - 7:00am
  7. San Gorgonio Mountain - 8/28 - TBA
Group hikes are a great chance to get out there with some experienced hikers, meet hiking buddies, and generally enjoy the energy of the group effort to get to each summit. Of course, you can also do each hike on your own.


Good fitness: These are tough hills, but doable. Some preparatory hiking will go a long way towards having a fun trip and completing all seven summits.

Proper equipment: Hiking shoes, food, water, emergency gear, and even maps / directions.

Wayfinding: Have the directions, a map (especially if you don't know the area), and how to use it.

General Precaution: You need to be self sufficient. We've had some issues in the past two years with people expecting us to completely hold their hands up the trail and back. Because of the popularity of these group hikes, different hiking abilities, and this not being a paid or professional hiking club, we're simply not able to provide this level of service. You may be separated from the group, and we want you to be prepared to have a good time out there whatever happens.

After you hike any trail, you can come back to the site and post updates about the trail conditions for the other hikers by clicking the "Post a Comment" button on any of the directions pages.


shotgun said...

I climb Bertha on 5/8/10 great trail and I track it with my GPS. I did Grays on 5/15/10 and there was a few patches of snow but still a good trail and I also track it with my GPS

suevb said...

I just saw this article - we were up at Big Bear yesterday, sorry we missed the hike up to Bertha Peak. We did make the hike to Bertha Peak last year on our own but didn't notice anything to punch/stamp. Is it new for this year or did we just miss it?

shotgun said...

I climb Delamare mountain on 6/12/2010 and it was a great hike. A little bit more road way then I like. This is the second one I have climb with no punch. The other one was Gray.